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Message started by Yogie on 07/19/11 at 05:48:51

Title: how to send a trigger
Post by Yogie on 07/19/11 at 05:48:51

at the OCC Bracket source I have found the TakeAShot routine, which works pretty well to take a shot when you know the exact time you would love to have.

setRumble(true) or setRumble(false)

is the command I found to trigger the shot or stop shooting.

But what happens with the command?
What is done behind the scene?

I would love to find out if it would be possible to send a differentiated trigger command to simulate a half pressed remote (release) button to enable the AF possibilities of my camera.

Like pressing the L button on my DS lite as the half way pressed release button and while holding the L button, pressing the R button to shot...

Any help? Idea?

Many thanks in advance!


Title: Re: how to send a trigger
Post by Steve Chapman on 07/19/11 at 18:57:23
It would require modifying the code to utilize the Rock Hero control lines. A simple timed serial protocol could be established so that the microcontroller responds with a "I'm ready, what do you want?" and the DS answers with a timed series of pulses to indicate to the MC what to do.

That being said, as an open source project it'll be up to the community to implement this.

Title: Re: how to send a trigger
Post by Eric S. on 07/20/11 at 14:20:59
If you always wanted this time for every shot you took until the next time you program your micro-controller, you could simply add a delay to the MC software between the half-press and full-press commands.  Not as elegant, but would do the job if you are OK with the downsides.

Note that for bracketed shots, you'd have to account for the extra time the MC will be delayed in the DS software (just increase the interval wait) otherwise it would start sending new commands before the MC was ready to accept them.

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