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Message started by ShreddinPB on 10/12/10 at 00:56:24

Title: Other I/Os?
Post by ShreddinPB on 10/12/10 at 00:56:24
Hey guys.. so I have built one of these.. tested, works awesome!!
I live right down off the beach and my main HDR shooting is sunsets.. also panoramic sunsets. I picked up one of these to rotate the camera (pre OCC build)
But now that I have both, I want to integrate the two! I have some C/C++ experience, and I read thru the source for bracket. It appears that the rumble effect is whats being used to hold open the shutter. Are there other I/O lines available from the DS to activate other pins on the arduino? I could easily adjust the arduino sketch to accommodate those new inputs on the arduino  and then trigger outputs on the arduino to power the turning of the pan head.
I did do some research on the pan head and its contol box is VERY simple, just apply a voltage to a pin and it turns in that direction.

Option 2 is like someone suggested in another thread, using the audio jack. With this one the idea is pretty simple.
It would require a second arduino just for controlling the pan head. Take the output from the audio jack, and hook it to a analog input pin of the arduino. Shouldnt I then be able to read the difference in voltage for different tones? Specially if they are just a basic tone? In this case, the OCC Bracket software would just send the correct tone and the pan head would move.

What do you guys think? Which option is better?

Title: Re: Other I/Os?
Post by Steve Chapman on 10/12/10 at 15:33:39
You have four other io pins wired as "Guitar Hero Emulation" at your beck and call.

Beckon call?

Search the forums, I think it was Luke Skaff who came up with usable code to hit these?

Title: Re: Other I/Os?
Post by Steve Chapman on 10/12/10 at 15:34:31
And the code to plan and execute pano turns is already in place as well.

Title: Re: Other I/Os?
Post by ShreddinPB on 10/12/10 at 18:45:22
yeah I was excited to see the pano code already in there.. I will look for the guitar hero stuff next and post what I come up with..

I am going to still research the audio idea possibly as that way it could be a standalone controller completely separate from the ds controller.

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