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Message started by Kel Solaar on 10/11/10 at 00:12:22

Title: sIBL_Reporter
Post by Kel Solaar on 10/11/10 at 00:12:22
sIBL_Reporter For Windows, Linux And Mac Os X

Last Stable Release : 0.0.0
01 January 0000 - 00H00 Paris, UTC/GMT +1:00

Last Nightly Release : 0.9.0 - Alpha
11 October 2010 - 01H00 Paris, UTC/GMT +1:00

Welcome to the sIBL_Reporter 1.x.x thread !


sIBL_Reporter is a tool that analyzes, reports informations and runs sanity checks on a provided Smart Ibl Sets Collection.
You can provide either ".zip" or Smart Ibl Sets folders for the analysis.
sIBL_Reporter will check various things on each Smart Ibl Sets :

  • Incorrect content in the ".zip" file or Smart Ibl Set folder.
  • Missing dependencies.
  • Ibl file syntax.
  • Missing file attributes.
  • Incorrect file attributes values.
  • And much more ...

sIBL_Reporter - Ui

Manual - Help File :

sIBL_Reporter Manual

Api File :

sIBL_Reporter Api

Change Log :

Click Here For Complete Change Log.

sIBL_Reporter - Stable :

    sIBL_Reporter - 0.0.0 :
  • *

sIBL_Reporter - Nightly :

    sIBL_Reporter - 0.9.0 - Alpha :
  • Initial Release of sIBL_Reporter For Mac Os X.

Download sIBL_Reporter :

Stable :

Nightly :

Archives :

Sources :

sIBL_Reporter Source Code is available directly from a GIT repository : sIBL_Reporter GIT Repository On GITHub.

Known Issues :


If you have any problems, don't hesitate to Email me !
If you have some sample script for your target application, I may take some time to code the Template script.

Title: Customizing
Post by Kel Solaar on 10/11/10 at 00:12:41

Title: Re: sIBL_Reporter
Post by Kel Solaar on 10/11/10 at 00:18:06

I just released the first alpha of the sIBL_Reporter which will be a good help for every guy building Smart Ibl Sets around :)

The tool was nearly ready to be deployed on my HDD, and I finally took the opportunity of a long rendering to refactor the code a bit and do a first release.

There is only a Nightly Mac Os X build for now ( Since Bob and Christian will certainly the first users ) but I'll try to get a Windows build deployed this week depending on my flooding status :)

Here is the link to the build :


Have fun !


Title: Re: sIBL_Reporter
Post by jujubee on 11/14/10 at 19:38:36
Very cool Kel. I look forward to trying it!

Title: Re: sIBL_Reporter
Post by Kel Solaar on 11/14/10 at 21:30:50

Are you on Mac or Windows ?

I didn't had time to make a Windows build yet ? But if you are willing to use it, I'll do it !


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