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Message started by itchart on 07/23/10 at 19:34:01

Title: plugin chrashes
Post by itchart on 07/23/10 at 19:34:01
I downloaded the smart ibl lightwave plugin. I'm on the mac intel 10.5.8.
The tut online shows how to direct the plug-in to your ibl set folder so they show up in the library.
When it starts to read them in, if I have only one set in the folder it loads fine.
If I put 2 sets in it will spin forever.I've tried with many different sets. All the sets load fine if it's the only one. ??

Title: Re: plugin chrashes
Post by Kel Solaar on 07/26/10 at 18:26:41
Hello :)

You are in the wrong forum section ;)
This is Picturenaut Developer Sub Forum, Christian will certainly move your thread here : hhttp://www.hdrlabs.com/cgi-bin/forum/YaBB.pl?board=port


Title: Re: plugin chrashes
Post by Blochi on 07/26/10 at 18:44:17
This Topic was moved here from Developer Zone by Blochi.

Good point.

Yes, I noticed some erratic behavior on OSX. Try this:
Manually re-add all the plugins, specifically the file format plugins. Turn of Plugin-Autoscan in the preferences, quit and restart to save your prefs, and try running sIBL again.

Title: Re: plugin chrashes
Post by jackany on 08/29/10 at 18:46:43
any news regarding the Mac crashes when locating the archive folder?

Just downloaded the sIBL plugin and tried to use it with different Lightwave HC Beta builds (now Cocoa).
But no luck. I heard 9.6.1 crashes too, but not for sure.

No path is written to the "LS-GN Prefs"-file.
If I set the path manually, Layout instantly crashes upon sIBL button click. Even tried the 2.2.001 version (I guess with hardcoded link to user directory).

If I cancel the folder setup, the sIBL window opens fine, but as expected without content...  :(

Is there active development going on in relation to Lightwave 10/HC?

Title: Re: plugin chrashes
Post by Petter Sundnes on 01/11/11 at 21:27:34
Same here, fresh install of LightWave 10 on Mac, instant crash when specifying the sIBL directory.

Any chance sIBL for LW will be opensourced like PassPort has been?

Title: Re: plugin chrashes
Post by virustwin on 02/16/11 at 00:33:20
bump.  need lw10 support fast

Title: Re: plugin chrashes
Post by Blochi on 02/16/11 at 03:49:28
Sorry, have to disappoint you. LW10 only on PC (or under bootcamp) for now. Too much on my plate to figure this one out.

Title: Re: plugin chrashes
Post by Blochi on 09/21/11 at 23:15:07
OK, try the new 2.4 beta version. Everything that was in the old one should work now on the Mac, it's only labeled beta because not all the new features are complete yet.


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