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Message started by jpopadic on 07/19/10 at 10:19:50

Title: Timing Limitations
Post by jpopadic on 07/19/10 at 10:19:50
I spent some time refining the shutter timing using an interrupt on one of the DS's hardware timers. By shifting clock dividers, we can generate very precisely timed outputs (http://bringtheawesome.tumblr.com/post/825006835/timing-refinements).

Unfortunately, my camera (E-P1) doesn't shoot faster than about 1/16 in bulb mode. Is this similar to what everyone else is seeing with their cameras?

(Steve: I recall you mentioning the E-P1 in one post or another. Similar experience?)

Title: Re: Timing Limitations
Post by Steve Chapman on 07/19/10 at 22:07:37
I couldn't use faster then 1/5 with the E-P1, although I found that turning off the histogram view effected this, so I think it might be an issue with the camera's CPU. I'm disappointed that Oly doesn't support tethering in their studio software.

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