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Message started by A.Berg on 05/04/10 at 08:43:52

Title: OCC Test Circuit
Post by A.Berg on 05/04/10 at 08:43:52
Hello Everybody,

for testing the OCC I developed a small circuit.

By using two LEDīs, a CR2032 Battery and a little swich you have the possibility to test the occ working in an DS. You get optically indicated whether the OCC at the DS functions. So you avoid a damage of a camera. If the board works fine you can desolder the test circuit an fix the shutter release cable.

Yours Achim   

Title: Re: OCC Test Circuit
Post by A.Berg on 05/04/10 at 08:46:47
here is the circuit plan

OCC_test_circuit.jpg (Attachment deleted)

Title: Re: OCC Test Circuit
Post by A.Berg on 05/04/10 at 09:45:01
How does it work?

-> solder the circuit as shown and connect the unit to the tree pads ( P1 to P3 ) on the OCC.

After soldering and installing the OCC with the Test unit in the NDS, switch the power of this circuit on. Now you can start booting the DS with the "Bracket Software". You can start with a normal shot (7 pictures for example). The circuit indicates optically if the OCC works an if both optical isolators work fine too. Both LEDīs have to light up during the NDS sends the sequence to the test unit. During the traces the LEDīs go out. If everything works fine desolder the circuit and connect the shutter release cable.

Title: Re: OCC Test Circuit
Post by Steve Chapman on 05/04/10 at 16:54:48
If you've used a 3mm stereo headphone jack, or male/female combination on your cable, like this:

You can put a test circuit outside the device. Essentially you'd be making a flashlight, use 1 AA battery, and two LED's connected to a headphone plug lead. Don't butcher a set of earbuds to do this, the thread-like wires inside lightweight earphones is almost impossible to connect to.

The OCC will close the "flashlight" circuit (instead of the camera shutter) and turn on if the device is working correctly.

Title: Re: OCC Test Circuit
Post by Achim Berg on 05/07/10 at 22:14:36
Here a picture of my external test unit for the OCC
OCC_test_unit_001.jpg (Attachment deleted)

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