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Message started by Pixeltroll on 04/18/10 at 16:38:12

Title: please Help, soundtricker for bracketsoft..
Post by Pixeltroll on 04/18/10 at 16:38:12
Hello everybody,
IŽd like to have some Help with the atmel 168 source code and a small new Function in the Bracket software.
My Projekt is, to build an Automatic Panoramahead.  It should work fully automaticaly.
I will publish the Documentation of my NXT Panohead here after I have finished the Projekt :-)
Nintendo DS should only control the camera like now. The Panoramahead should activate the Nintendo DS Bracket
software for the next shot, after it has reached the next position. The soundtricker could be a good way to make a
feedback to the Bracket software. Can anybody build the soundtricker in the bracketsoftware and send me the NDS
file please?
I have set up the feedback from NDS to Panoramahead. It works via the sound, that is made by Bracket software at
the end of the lightingseries.The completionsound  works like soundtrigger and activates the panoramahead.
And there is somethig, I would like to ask, can anybody send me the compiled Hexfile for the Atmel 168  Microcontrolle please?
I have a Microcontroler Burner.
Please send the new Version with the LED Control Lamp.

Thanks in advance,


My Email: pixeltroll@googlemail.com

Title: Re: please Help, soundtricker for bracketsoft..
Post by Steve Chapman on 04/21/10 at 04:25:07
There's a couple of ways to go, using an Arduino analog in, or the DS microphone input. There's also a couple of unused serial lines (I think they are free?) But we'd have to add an MAX232 unless your panohead uses TTL levels. I've been planning to connect to a Merlin Orion, though there's a lot on the to-do list.

The current panohead connection talks to a Celestron mount, through a Dserial board, but those are nearly impossible to buy.

Title: Re: please Help, soundtricker for bracketsoft..
Post by Pixeltroll on 04/29/10 at 15:57:32
Only need the OCCSoundtrigger combined with the OCCBracked Bracked. Ca you Help please?

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