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Message started by srinathh on 01/06/10 at 06:29:12

Title: Where can I find the PLugin SDK?
Post by srinathh on 01/06/10 at 06:29:12
Can't find a link anywhere on the website! Would like to experiment with creating tone-mapping pluggins


Title: Re: Where can I find the PLugin SDK?
Post by Blochi on 01/11/10 at 05:02:47
Actually, it wasn't online yet. And you're right, it was long overdue.

I put the gun on Marc's chest, and here it is: Picturenaut SDK 0.2 Beta.

It's called a beta because so far nobody except for Marc himself has tried it yet. Some parts of it may still require some documentation, and we sort of rely on you to tells us what you need don't hesitate to and ask a lot of questions. There is one tiny problem - The SDK only works with Picturenaut Build 1526. Get it here:


As introduction, please have a look at this poster I did for last year's Stanford HDR Symposium. It will tell you about the architecture, and the plugin types you can do:

For sure it will take a bunch of revisions until this SDK becomes really useful. Recently Marc worked on porting Picturenaut to UNIX, which is halfway there to OSX. That shift does add some extra effort into portability and support for different compilers. Charsets like UTF-16 and UTF-8 (which is not supported under Windows) were troubling him lately, and it caused some SDK revisions already. However, it will ultimately lead to more portable code, and as a plugin developer you will be on the receiving end of the stick, because you'll just need to flip one compiler switch and you'll run on UNIX....

Here are some notes on installation straight from Marc:

1. Prerequisites

- knowledge of C/C++
- The SDK compiles with Microsoft compilers and MINGW (GCC for Windows); Borland wasn't tested but should work as well.

2. Installation

- Unzip the archive anywhere

3. Compiling

There is a "project" folder, containing preconfigured project files and makefiles for several compilers. Pick one and compile the SDK. Then you'll find the generated libraries in the "lib" folder of that project. Each library has is linked static to the SDK.

4. Examples

In that SDK is an "examples" folder for a simple tone mapper and a format plugin. The project structure is set up to mirror that of the SDK itself. After compiling both examples successfully, you test them right away. The Compiler generated some dll files in the "bin" folder of the respective example. Just copy these into the "plug-in" folder of your Picturenaut installation.

Warning: The example DLLs will be named just like the DLL from the Picturenaut distribution. Make sure to have a backup.

Alright, have a shot at it - and let us know how it goes.
In the meantime I will put an offical SDK website together from all the info I just dumped on you ;)


Title: Re: Where can I find the PLugin SDK?
Post by srinathh on 01/12/10 at 05:14:20
Thank You!

I'll take a crack @ using the SDK and get back to you... though must warn you i'm completely new to image processing :-)


Title: Re: Where can I find the PLugin SDK?
Post by davidb on 01/12/10 at 11:01:54
I just quickly skimmed the code.  Porting bits of STM to it looks feasible, although i'm not sure if it would be easier to port the whole thing to windows and wrap that in a plugin or just port fragments.

One silly question: What colour space does picturenaut provide the image buffers in by default?  RGB or one of the CIE derived spaces?

Title: Re: Where can I find the PLugin SDK?
Post by Marc on 01/13/10 at 19:03:08
Picturenaut uses the color resolution and channel arrangement of the source image and does not interpret the color space itself. Future releases will also be able to interpret the color space.

Currently Picturenaut get the assumption that the gamut of a source image is an RGB color space.

For a list of supported buffer formats see file: pnimagetypes.h


Title: Re: Where can I find the PLugin SDK?
Post by Blochi on 01/15/10 at 02:32:38
Hey guys,

The official SDK page is up: http://www.hdrlabs.com/picturenaut/sdk.html

Also ran it through DoxyGen, so the new archive does include some documentation.


Title: Re: Where can I find the PLugin SDK?
Post by Castillonis on 01/15/10 at 03:05:55
This is awesome :)  Thanks Marc and Blochi.

Title: Re: Where can I find the PLugin SDK?
Post by Sue Garrett on 08/25/15 at 12:55:57
really nice made...great work

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