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Message started by oddgit on 02/10/09 at 01:29:25

Title: ?-stop/dof calculator
Post by oddgit on 02/10/09 at 01:29:25
I think a nifty tool you could make, if you are open to suggestions, would be an ?-stop/dof calculator.  On my Nokia i have a tool that shows me focus length and other cool stuff related to what i am shooting.  I dont know how hard it would be to make, as i only know MEL and python, But it would be a neat tool none the less. =D

Title: Re: ?-stop/dof calculator
Post by steve on 02/10/09 at 06:39:52
If you know of any source code I could reference, please post a link. It would give me a good starting point.

Title: Re: ?-stop/dof calculator
Post by oddgit on 02/10/09 at 06:48:46
here is a java based dof calc, it has the .java source code too. I dont know if that will be helpful.

here is an online based one....
it has a cool little graph.

again i dont know how hard it would be, i made something similar but very basic with MEL.

Title: Re: ?-stop/dof calculator
Post by steve on 02/15/09 at 07:13:02
I haven't done much with mel. I wrote a bitmap to particle mel thing, that created a pseudo-random z-height for each particle that also contained the x and y dim and the color of any bitmap fed into it. By simply scaling the Z axis of the particle cloud, the whole image would appear to fly from behind camera to reform the image (when the z scale reached 0.) A cheap but effective trick.

I later found that if you draw the bitmap and convert to particles simultaneously, you could do some effective "sketched clouds" sort of like zbrush, but for particles. ZIpping through a spiral galaxy is one outcome of this.

Last week's Maya work involved making blend shapes for the Chiodo Brothers and Discovery Science channel's "Science of The Movies" series. I'm sorry, I rambling on.

Title: Re: ?-stop/dof calculator
Post by oddgit on 02/16/09 at 03:09:04
Ugh blend shapes, i hate working with them so much, they always seem to be very buggy for me. I tend to focus on rendering and environment modeling.
The DoF mel i made was pretty cool, it used nulls linked to MentalRay Physical DOF and Physical Bokeh lens shaders to allow me to drag the focus distance instead of guess distance. I also had a null that i could use as the point at, with a toggle. I also linked controls to the MentalRay Photography shaders that would change iso and exposures based on lighting input.  But the GUI i made was awful.
I was working on trying to get a basic NURBS circle to show the total focus range.  There was a similar tool for MaxwelRender in the plugins that put a cool green pyramid that showed the FOV of the camera, and faded from mostly transparent green to totaly clear as the focus became sharper.

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