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Message started by steve on 01/13/09 at 06:53:05

Title: DS SOFTWARE RELEASE: HDR bracketing software v1.17
Post by steve on 01/13/09 at 06:53:05
We're working up some fundamental changes to the bracketing setup process, but in the interim here's a minor update whose major feature is a cosmetic revamp of the info screen. We'll put some of the instruction info back onto a second screen in the next rev.

In order to test some of the newer cameras, I've added the ability to essentially go off screen and choose shots below 1/25. DON'T DO THIS.

Ok, I do it all the time, but just keep in mind that shots below 1/25 are very unreliable and you may get wildly inaccurate shot timings if you venture into this nether region. I'd be interested to here from you if you take shots below 1/20 and how they come out. I know the shutter blades on my 5D are shot due to my constant internal tinkering, so your camera might behave better in this realm...but for now, these < 1/20 shot timings are "unsupported". If we get good feedback we'll modify the shot-bar to show more timings.

The name has been shortened so that it is easier to sort through on the DS start up screen.

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