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Message started by steve on 10/29/08 at 06:01:43

Title: DS SOFTWARE RELEASE: HDR bracketing software v1.1
Post by steve on 10/29/08 at 06:01:43
A couple of tweaks in this version include a graphic explanation of the shot pattern, a bug fix for the mirror-lockup function, an option to set a delay so that you can put the DS down before shooting begins, and some new functionality given to the cross-buttons. Oh, yes, the test buttons have become the longest/shortest/metered time boxes, freeing up a lot of room in the UI. Many thanks to Blake for the helpful suggestions!

As long as Mount Steps azm & alt are set to 0 the Mount functions will have no effect. The Mount azm and alt settings and references to "Dserial not initialized!" control a Celestron telescope mount for doing spherical gigapixel panos when wired to a Natrium42 Dserial card. Since those cards are not available just yet, you can safely ignore the Mount settings for now. They will be hidden in a future revision, I just needed them for a shoot in Vancouver this weekend, and don't have time to do two separate versions. If anyone has a Celestron mount and thinks they might want to give it a go, I can do a write-up and make a separate version of the bracketing software at that point.

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