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Message started by Blochi on 07/14/07 at 09:24:54

Title: LW Importer 0.98
Post by Blochi on 07/14/07 at 09:24:54

Did some maintenance on the code, to get it ready for release.

+ fixed reflection mapping, no more random renaming of surfaces or skipping of some surfaces
+ fixed for 64-bit LW.
+ updated help page (might still need some work)

New Features:
+ When reflection maps are set, it can batch save all objects under a different name (with appendix) or save them collected in a separate folder. This turned out to be safer in production, because reflection maps are saved in the objects, and this way the originals are always protected.

It's on the official Download page  (hehe, I love to be able to say that now)


Title: Re: LW Importer 0.98
Post by Gerardo on 07/16/07 at 07:11:43
Thank you very much, Blochi!


Title: Re: LW Importer 0.98
Post by mlon on 07/21/07 at 11:50:17
thanx allot blochi, sibl is uber cool as is picturenaut!
excellent stuff!


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