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Message started by Blochi on 12/28/03 at 16:04:14

Title: LW Import Version 0.8 (BETA)
Post by Blochi on 12/28/03 at 16:04:14
Grab Version 0.8 here:

www.Blochi.com/gfx/sdr/SDR_Import.zip (same link like always)

This is a minor update, it looks like we're coming closer to the public realease... still, any kind of feedback is appreciated. Ideas, bugs, feature wishes, or finetuning of the settings that are generated.
Also, any renderings that you did with this plugin would be great. So we can show some examples when we go for the public release. Off course, you get full credit!

New Features:

- support for LightProbe panoramic format (all except Reflection maps).
Check it out with the WaterCourt.sdr!
www.Blochi.com/gfx/sdr/WaterCourts.zip (unzip folder and put it in your SDR-Library)

- reworked the Preview Info Area.
- general UI overhaul, with Title image.
- higher quality Background Dome, seam is not visible anymore. To make sure that the new Dome will be generated, you should delete the SDR_Environment folder in your Content/Objects folder.
- standard Rotation of the whole environment is 180, so the image seam is by default behind the camera.
- "Remember Import Options" includes last SDR Browser selection.

Bug Fixes:

- MBlur types of Radiosity are working now.
- Improved handling of Texture Environment, hopefuly removing the "error in cachedata.." error.


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