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Message started by Blochi on 12/09/03 at 17:08:49

Title: LW Import Version 0.7 (BETA)
Post by Blochi on 12/09/03 at 17:08:49
Version 0.7 is done now. I hope you like it:


You need to delete your SDR-Library, and download this new one:


The old Library won't work. The SDR syntax has changed, to make it more compatible to MAX (and hopefully others).

New Features:

- Setup Reflection Maps is fully working now. This was a major coding effort, that's why it needed so long. It might still be buggy, and even cause LW to crash. Be careful with this! Please report any bugs and issues!
Subfeatures are:
- Automatic Reflection Map Orientation
- Specular to Reflection Texture Transfer
- Glossiness to Reflection Blurring Transfer (choice of Real RefBlur and SoftenReflections Image Filter)
- Saves Copy of all objects (optional)

Read the inline Help for detailed descriptions.

- Added optional "Copy Images to Content Folder". This is handy if your library is on a CD, or otherwise inaccesible for render nodes. Keep it OFF if you don't like the mess beeing created...

- new, more general syntax of SDR files. File-Parser improved to allow little syntax errors.

- User gets control over Temp File Saving.

- refined Radiosity Options

Bug Fixes:

- will triple-check Objects folder, and present User File Requester as last ressort.

- LW button will be called "SDR Import" instead of "SDRLoader".

Any comments are welcome.
If you like it or not, and how we could make it better...

have fun,

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